Runner Ducks

by Scott Smith

**UPDATE** Three is all we get from this hatch but I won another ebay auction and have another set of eggs on the way. I’ve learned more, like turning twice a day is bare minimum and I should always be turning an odd number of times each day – even up to seven times. This time I’m hoping for a much higher hatch rate.

As of this minute, we have three buff colored runner ducklings in our homemade brooder. There are five more in the incubator and I’m hopeful that we’ll get at least a couple more hatches. This week has been a real workout for my patience. The “official” hatch day was Wednesday and there it was late Friday afternoon before we got any action. Apparently duck egg shells are quite hard so it is a little harder for the ducklings to get out than it is for chicks.
“Two-ee” in his first moments outside of his (her?) eggshell:two-ee001.jpg

All dried off:


With siblings: