Eggs in the Incubator

by Scott Smith

Here are my ebay purchased, buff colored Runner Duck eggs in the incubator. Today is day 8, so yesterday all 15 of the eggs I started with were candled and this morning I took the 6 duds to the trash (down to 60% in my hatch rate already). I couldn’t bear to do it last night. Like somehow a miracle would occur and this morning all of my eggs would be viable. I did manage it this morning because I read in my Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks that at the least the bad eggs put off a gas that can harm the healthy eggs and at worst I might have a rotten egg explode all over the inside of my borrowed incubator. Just the thought makes me nauseaus.
Anyway, I wish I could take a picture of the eggs being candled because it’s amazing. There is a little black dot in the center with a spidery network of veins coming out in an array around it. Hopefully I can get someone over here to share it wih soon… perhaps I can share it with my husband when he gets home tomorrow.

Runner Duck Eggs in the Incubator