Making Butter

by Scott Smith

A while back I was in an antique store with my friend, Cammie and we saw an old electric butter churn. I pointed it out and she teased me that I was going overboard if I was thinking about making my own butter. I denied that I would ever consider such a thing, but it had indeed planted a seed.

It was really the easiest thing in the world. Why doesn’t everyone make their own butter? I simply put the heavy whipping cream in my Kitchenaid® stand mixer, turned it on low with the paddle attachment and walk away until I heard the butter sloshing around in the bowl (it’s a scientific wonder how suddenly the butter forms). I found instructions for “washing” the butter at the website of Muller’s Lane Farm and just cobbled those together with my modern churning technique and, voila! We had the tastiest butter ever.

Oh, and a couple of days later, my friend who teased me about going overboard was also making butter in her Kitchenaid® stand mixer.