by Scott Smith

This is Jack, aka Jack-Jack, the newest member of our family. We picked him up yesterday from the Elkhart County Humane Society in Indiana. They were really eager to see Jack (previously “Veilo”) in a home because he had been there since September and was developing the common kennel depression dogs get when they are left in those situations. They also ended up pushing my application through after Jack was attacked by another dog.

I was so sure that he was going to be such a wreck for so long when I got him home but while he’s still not hugely interested in food he’s really showing signs of perking up tonight. Just a little while ago he showed actual joy at hearing the kissing sounds Madeleine was making at him. He actually did a little butt spin and was definitely wiggling joyfully. He actually ate a treat instead of just sniffing at it or caring it off and setting it somewhere, WOW! The other good sign is that Scott just put him in his crate so that he would “settle down” to which he complained about with a couple of border collie pitched barks. This from a dog who 24 hours ago was only pacing and sleeping.

I thought so long and hard about whether or not to get a border collie because I know they have a tendency to herd cats and I didn’t want our cats terrorized. It turns out that Jack has a healthy respect for cats, always trying to give them plenty of space (so far). Unless of course he doesn’t notice them until it’s too late in which case he turns tail and runs away after his “kitty scolding.”

So, so far so good. Although I’m sure as Jack develops more faith and confidence over the next few months that his true personality will come out and we will find that we have a typically high energy border collie.