by Scott Smith

Visited a Kioti dealer in Valparaiso yesterday. $15k for a compact tractor with bucket, box blade and rotary cutter. Ouch. I was thinking of driving to a Kubota dealer in Michigan. If I did, I suspect it would be to abuse my self: window shopping for what I should not buy.

I feel caught between a rock and 9.5 acres. How do I manage this much property without a tractor? Robinson’s farm girl friends (she makes a lot of friends especially online ones) were outraged that we were considering a new tractor. I guess people get romantic about old tractors. I don’t want to spend my time fixing a tractor. I want to mow, level and move dirt. Also, I’d like to get rid of the wasps in the block out building — I suppose a tractor would only help me level the building.

I guess my other option is to use my city lot tools. My tiller, trimmer and mower look silly in the barn.

In the end, I suppose, we’ll do what’s needed first — fencing (2.5 acres costs $4k).